The conference will produce a great day of disruptive ideas, best practice, exciting speakers and a genuinely cross-sector view of digital life in the UK, drawing upon a broad range of inputs from thoughts leaders including Ministers, Digital Leaders Advisory Board Members and Digital Leaders from Enterprise, SMEs, Public and the Non-profit sectors as well as Academia. 
— Robin Knowles, Digital Leaders

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Overview of the Day

This Year's National Digital Conference (ND18) held on 21 June 2018 was the centrepiece of 5 days of discussion and debate across the UK on all aspects of Digital Transformation and Leadership as part of Digital Leaders Week.

In the morning we heard from politicians, policy makers, innovators, young disruptors and who will identify, debate and brainstorm the key actions for the Digital Transform to success.

In the afternoon we rolled up our sleeves for an afternoon of Digital Leadership into practice looking at securing innovation and building teams that deliver transformation.


During the day we will be taking a good look at leadership in the Digital Age and asking those responsible for leading the UK's Digital Transformation now and in the future what the challenges are.

Some of the themes include:

  • How are we implementing the government's digital strategies and what needs to happen in the next 12 months including calls to action;

  • Is innovation and disruption being encouraged and are the blocks and challenges being addressed;

  • What are young people achieving and are they sufficiently involved in society;

  • Understanding the Digital Team - how do you build and run a team with impact in a world of machine learning, AI and robotics